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If you are interested in becoming a member of our lab please apply using the common lab application (link below) and select the Reproductive and Sexual Health Lab!

Common Lab Application

More information about PSY390:

PSY 390 is a collaborative learning course in which students do research with a faculty member as a part of their lab. Each psychology lab has a different focus. Requirements for lab membership depend on the lab; to be in the Reproductive and Sexual Health Psychology Lab you must have a minimum GPA of 3.0, sophomore status, and permission from Dr. Barnack-Tavlaris. You must also be interested in studying reproductive and sexual health. Students may be recruited to join the lab based on their experience with the professor in another course or they may be interested in the research goals of the lab and apply to join. Students can (and often do) remain in the lab for multiple semesters and gain additional credits per semester. They also have the option of exploring multiple faculty research labs. Responsibilities vary by lab and by semester. Weekly lab meetings allow for discussion of current lab studies and relevant literature. Common student activities may include: reviewing past research, brainstorming research methodology, developing experimental manipulations, data collection, data management and computer entry, data analysis, data consultation, research report writing/editing, presentations in class and in professional conferences. Students must produce research reports and other assignments as specified by the instructor.

More information about PSY492:

PSY 492 is a senior level collaborative research course. Students who have been in the Reproductive and Sexual Health lab as a PSY 390 student may request permission from Dr. Barnack-Tavlaris to join for PSY492 credit in a subsequent semester. Students in PSY 492 participate in the weekly lab meetings along with the PSY 390 students, but PSY 492 students have additional responsibilities and take on more of a leadership role. This may involve managing a research project that the lab is conducting or developing a deeper understanding of the literature related to the lab. This writing intensive course culminates in an APA style paper (at least 25 pages with multiple drafts) and oral presentation to an appropriate audience. This course, however, is not to be confused with PSY 493 or PSY 496 in which the student conducts independent research. Rather, it is a more in depth collaborative research based on the goals of the lab.