About Dr. Barnack-Tavlaris

I proudly joined the TCNJ Psychology Faculty in Fall of 2012. For three years prior, I completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the San Diego State University / University of California San Diego Comprehensive Cancer Center Partnership. During my time in San Diego, I also had the opportunity to earn my Master’s in Public Health Degree at San Diego State University and teach as an adjunct at the University of San Diego.

My academic journey began as an undergraduate psychology major at SUNY Fredonia, where I began my interest in studying sexual health. I went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Psychology at Connecticut College. Finally, I completed my PhD in Experimental Health/Social Psychology with a Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Here at TCNJ I teach Social Psychology, Health Psychology, and the Social Psychology of Power Oppression, and Privilege. My “Reproductive and Sexual Health Psychology Lab” is interested in studying the psychosocial factors associated with reproductive and sexual health. More specifically, we are examining topics such as: beliefs, knowledge, and attitudes about sexual and reproductive health; how individuals cope with illnesses related to reproductive and sexual health; and perceptions of sexual risk. We are also interested in the factors associated with public awareness and attributions of health disparities.